Belinda – Art Director

As a child I obsessed over Hairdressing, I wasn’t interested in anything else.
With 29 years experience I decided now was the time to open my own Salon, where I can deliver my belief “Hairdressing is an art form”.

Formerly a Loreal colour technician at Crowns in Palmeston Road; Manager at Allan Paul and a senior member of a premier Portsmouth Salon, I knew I wanted a highly professional salon, surrounded by artistic people that share my passion.

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Hairdressing has always been a big passion of mine and I love being creative and artistic with my work. Stepping outside the box and creating hair styles that make both my clients and myself proud.

I am still excited about learning more and improving my skills as a hairdresser.Working as part of Medusa allows me to do this by attending a variety of courses at the Goldwell Academy in London. I try to offer my clients the best, this way they will keep coming back, and will hopefully have me as their hairdresser for life.


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I have always loved the world of hairdressing and although it took me until my late teens to discover this was what I wanted to do I’m loving every second of it! It’s such a creative and passionate industry. I love that it is so fast paced and full of so many wonderful opportunities to grow and develop.

After finishing my level 3 I’m now a proud member of the Style Team, and from doing my apprenticeship in such a lovely salon I have the privilege of learning from such a passionate and creative team around me. I’m lucky enough to get given lots of amazing chances to travel up to the Goldwell Academy in London throughout the year, which allows me to become the best stylist I can be. I always come away with lots of new techniques to show my clients. Hairdressing is such an evolving, creative and artistic industry, making people feel fabulous every day makes it a joy to come to work.


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We welcome Megan as our apprentice.


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